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    XL Caladium
    Florida Elise ↕70cm

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    Caladium Florida Elise

    The Caladium Florida Elise, also called FL Elise, has green leaves with unique shades of pink.The veins are almost the same shade of green as the leaf itself, which is why the pink tones stand out even more!



    Caladium Florida Elise

    Height (incl. pot)

    60-80 cm

    pot size



    green pink


    Bright spot, no direct sunlight


    1 x a week

    The Caladium

    The Caladium is a seasonal product and comes from the deepest parts of the jungle and belongs to one of the most unique houseplants of the moment.With its strikingly large leaves and special colours, this is the eye-catcher that completes your interior.The caladium is a family of the alocasia, also called elephant ear because of its large leaves.In the wild, the caladium is found in Brazil and Asian tropical countries.

    Due to the transition from the warm greenhouse to the living room, the leaves of the caladium may hang slightly on arrival.Don't worry, this will be fully recovered after 1 or 2 days and this unique plant will continue to grow quickly.Plants are also natural products, so they may differ slightly from the photo.We will of course do our utmost to display this as accurately as possible.


    The Caladium does require some attention, but with the right care you can enjoy it for years.The caladium has special, thin and large sensitive leaves, it likes heat but does not tolerate direct sunlight well, put it in a light spot but watch out for direct sunlight.Avoid drafts or dry places such as too close to the heater.It does not hurt to water the plant regularly and to spray the special leaves with a plant sprayer every now and then.A small amount of plant food once a month helps the caladium to develop.If you give too much food, the leaf will droop a bit, don't panic, give it clean water a few times and it will grow happily.Because the Caladium continuously produces new leaves, the other leaves also die.You can cut the old leaves with a clean knife or scissors so that the energy goes to the new leaves.
    The caladium is a seasonal product. In winter the caladium goes into 'rest', which means that the plant drops all its leaves and goes into hibernation.You are also not allowed to water during this period.Store the tuber in a dark place above 13 degrees.From February you can plant the tuber again and water small amounts.As soon as the days get longer, this special plant will continue to grow well into the autumn!