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Vers uit eigen kwekerij // Tijdelijk Gratis verzenden


    How are our products packed?

    Our tropical plants are packed with love for you in a special luxury shipping box and this will ensure that your plant is delivered safely and fresh to your home.The plants are firmly and fixed in the box by the special plant box, so that it stays in place during transport!So you don't have to drag the plants yourself and you can wait with peace of mind until your new copy is on the doorstep.And all packaging is made of FSC paper/cardboard, so environmentally conscious too!

    Pot-plant combinations

    Convenience and luxury!If you have chosen to order the plant with a decorative pot, we will repot it in the decorative pot especially for you, so that you can immediately enjoy the total picture.How easy is that?Now all you have to do is ensure that our plant gets a nice place in your plant collection!